Basildon male arrested for metal thefts

Basildon male arrested for metal thefts

The police are upping their game against metal thieves who have caused havoc across Essex.

A 43-year-old male from Basildon, Essex is the second person to be arrested in recent weeks after trying to sell metal to a scrap dealer in Laindon. He gave the dealers false details as he tried to sell them metal on Tuesday.

Sgt Paul Costin, of Laindon police, who is heading up the ongoing crackdown on metal theft, said: “We formally warned the man that giving false details when selling metal is an offence under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act, and he could be liable to be prosecuted if he does it again.

“Through our close scrutiny of scrap metal dealers’ books, and their support in helping us stop metal thieves selling on stolen metal, we are continuing to relentlessly pursue suspected metal thieves.

“We want to send out the message we are working with the scrap dealers, and we will arrest you if we find you to be giving false information. Where we have enough evidence to prove the metal you have sold is stolen, we will arrest you and bring you before the courts.”

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