Base metal prices uneasy

Base metal prices uneasy

The cost of price metals started to increase yesterday from when they fell on Monday, it had damaged the value of mining stocks as well as investors who are curious that this may push Europe back into the Recession.

“I don’t think it has even started yet,” Charles Oliver, senior portfolio manager at Sprott Asset Management, said of the recent commodities selloff.

“The probability of a recession, or double dip … is starting to look like a potential reality.”

Copper is hoped to increase again in the next few months, China still process the metal and although its not high selling right now it should grow.

“While Chinese demand growth is set to slow, we believe this is being overplayed, and we are seeing the first tangible signs of a recovery in U.S. and other developed world demand over the past two months,” Macquarie Bank Ltd. said in a research note.

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